Some of the countermeasure, security threats in an e-commerce

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The development of E-commerce resources that are that the company’s and customers’ data information hardware and software tools, protection against non-authorized individuals form to use and access.

It is important that you To be aware that the e commerce process is drawn to the following security risks:

• Phishing:-This is an ecommerce security threat e-commerce experts describe as the job of somebody to pursue sensitive information such as personal credit amounts and user names from non-suspecting customers. The security counter measures for this sort of threat are frequently altering the usernames and passwords, encrypting your data, and additionally e-commerce expert installing a secure firewall on your own systems.

• Identity theft:-an e-commerce risk which is a way of concealing where someone uses another person’s individuality for malicious purposes. Foryou in order to avoid this happening to a e-commerce company in the e-commerce systems it is important to: keep identification information out from non-authorized users, encryption of data which is the conversion of a plain text right into a format that is coded or a ciphered text and installment using a secure firewall which is a security control implemented in form of applications or hardware that controls incoming and outgoing network traffic.

• Hacking:-This has been clarified by e-commerce experts as a process in which individuals exploit and seek weakness within a method so as to obtain non-authorized access inside the computer system. The security counter for this type of security threat is to make use of secure usernames and persons to stop the hackers from utilizing the server information, data security, setup of up to date anti-server to find any malicious persons hoping to access the server information and to ensure that your system has firewalls installed in them.