Do you want to remove mugshot?

Published March 18, 2020 in General - 0 Comments

Some have lived the experience of being arrested. People may not have committed a serious crime; however, having the arrest photo displayed on google can leave a lot to be desired. For example, some exceed the speed and have more than three traffic tickets, which could cause an arrest.
The lack of information makes many people, who have been through that situation, look for desperate methods. There are web pages that offer how to get mugshot removed. But, the reality is that they do not usually comply. This is because they are not licensed to do so. On the other hand, some are lured into paying exorbitant sums to remove mugshot from years ago.

Glenn Roderman is a law firm that is dedicated to criminal jurisprudence specifically. On his website, you can see his career and, also, issues related to the criminal process, such as remove mugshot. They explain that, although many go to the pages that claim to offer these services, there are compelling reasons not to do it that way. First, they indicate that people should start this process of elimination as soon as possible because, over time, the photos and data could be vulnerable. Besides, interested parties must be clear that this process must be safe and confidential.

Probably the question that arises is how to get mugshot removed? On the web, they explain that, the lawyer who takes the case, must write a demand letter explaining, or the reasons for the removal, even if there are inaccurate data that could be appealed. Doing it that way results in customer security and confidentiality. On the other hand, people will not be extorted and, much less, will pay exorbitant prices for this process.

Either way, the best thing people in that situation can do is be documented. They could also go to the Glenn Roderman website and request personalized advice. That would be ideal considering that the case of each person is different.